The Advantages of Mouthpiece to Treat Snoring

You sure have heard about mouthpiece devices that cure snoring but only have little details about it. A lot of people have snoring issues, be it the snorer itself or their bed partners. Of course, we are looking for a solution that truly works, however is it really as easy as wearing an oral device? Knowing other alternatives are so invasive, it’s quite hard to believe this would work right?

The Advantages of Mouthpiece to Treat Snoring

As exciting as it sounds, it’s also essential to be aware with the pros of these anti-snoring mouthpieces before you pursue on getting one. There are many positive reviews about such device and check out some of the reasons below directly from the users.

It’s Effective and Safe to Use

The very reason why mouthpiece is so in demand is because of its effectiveness. It works by keeping the lower jaw forward in an awake position, allowing no vibration to be produce by the soft palate towards other tissues. If you use this anti-snoring equipment properly, it is considered completely safe.

The Advantages of Mouthpiece to Treat Snoring


Another valid reason why mouthpiece to treat snoring is opted by many because it is inexpensive. You can even afford a professionally-fitted device without you having to shell much. Take note that prescribed mouthpiece should be replaced frequently. This is definitely a big cost to adhere with, good thing; they come in such reasonable price range. We want to make sure that we purchase a snoring device that truly works for us before we pursue to the more advanced items, so they begin with a pocket-friendly option or those that has a money back guarantee offer. Hence, there’s little to no risk of financial loss.

These are just some of the reasons that will entice you to get yourself a snoring mouthpiece for yourself or for your loved ones. With a perfectly fitted anti-snoring device, having a good slumber won’t be an issue anymore.

Mouthpieces that prevent snoring have gone a long way in their comfort, effectiveness and price. We now have dozens of different types of devices to choose from. But, most of them have one thing in common: they almost fill out mouth. Not exactly easy to sleep with if your nose is clogged or you have a seasonal allergy. So, what do you do if you habitually, or occasionally, sleep with your mouth open, simply because you cannot breathe through your nose? Do you continue to snore, or did manufacturers of snoring mouthguards come up with something suitable for you and other mouth-breathers? Fortunately, they did.

Types of snoring mouthguards

Oral appliances to prevent snoring can be divided into several types. For example, there are two major designs: Mandibular Advancement Devices or MADs and Tongue Stabilizing Device or TSDs. But, when it comes to the way you breathe, the snoring oral devices can be divided to those you can use if you breathe through your mouth, and those that you cannot.

Naturally, if you cannot breathe through your nose, you need a Breathable Snoring Device, a device that allows you to breathe while having your snoring appliance in your mouth when you are asleep. They are designed with breathable slots, holes or a gap or a space at the front end of the device, which allows air to freely flow in and out. There are also devices designed with a hinge, which connects the two pieces for two jaws. The hinge allows the mouthguard to move with your mouth, allowing you to breathe freely.

Non-Breathable Devices are not actually preventing you to breathe, but because they almost fill your mouth, the air simply cannot pass. They are designed for people who habitually breathe through their nose, people with no allergy issues, deviated septum or a sinus cold. They look very much like the devices for people who breathe through their mouth, but have no holes or other openings for air.

How to I know if I breathe through my mouth while I sleep?

Whether you breathe through your mouth or through your nose while you sleep is the same problem you have with snoring: how can you tell if you are unconscious and asleep? Simply: someone has to tell you. If you sleep alone, there are always video cameras you can use to film yourself while asleep. You will need a sleeping mask or some kind of blindfold if you cannot sleep with the lights on. Just make sure that none of your friends puts that film on YouTube, or you will never hear the end of it.

There are also some signs to look for in the morning that will tell you if you are a mouth-breather: dry mouth or dry lips are the two most common indicators. If you have seasonal allergies, it is almost sure that you will not be able to breathe through your nose. The same is the case if you have a cold.

If you are not sure, err on the safe side and get a mouth guard with breathing holes. It is better to give yourself that option than to wake up gasping for air. With holes or without, good mouth guards are equally effective in preventing snoring.

Three best snoring devices for mouth-breathers

No. 1: Zyppah Rx

zyppahThe Zyppah is rated by the customers as one of the best snoring oral devices for several reasons: it is extremely effective in preventing snoring, its design makes it very comfortable to wear, and, also because of its unique hybrid design, it moves with your mouth, allowing air to freely pass in and out of your mouth. Some customers describe it as so comfortable that at times they forget that they have anything in their mouth at all.

Although it has a hinge that connects two parts, Zyppah comes fully assembled and ready to wear. Dip it in warm water before putting it in your mouth, and it will be ready to go.

Zyppah is made in the USA, it is cleared by the FDA and it is made of latex-free and BPA-free material.

No. 2: SnoreRx

snorerxSnoreRx is the second-best choice for snorers who breathe through their mouth. Airflow in SnoreRx is a bit more restricted than with the zQuiet, but not significantly. It has a continuous slot that stretches across the entire front of the device, 1/8″ (3.17 mm) tall and 1.25″ (31.75mm) wide. This slot allows for more than enough air to pass, while still retaining its compact design. That is the problem with some other similar devices, which have a larger breathing hole, but which are, as a consequence, much bulkier. The SnoreRx offers a fine balance between the adequate airflow and reasonable and comfortable size.

What makes SnoreRx even more comfortable to wear is the fact that it is made of thermoplastic material, which is flexible when hot, allowing you to adjust the device to your particular jaws. This customization makes SnoreRx almost as comfortable and perfectly fitting as those custom made by a dentist, but for a much lower price.

SnoreRx is made in the USA, it is FDA cleared, and made of latex and BPA-free material. Its design also allows for incremental jaw advancement without the need for special tools.

No. 3: VitalSleep

vitalsleepThe VitalSleep is the third on my list of the top three snoring mouthpieces for people who have to breathe through their mouths. Similar to the SnoreRx, VitalSleep has a large breathing port in front of the device. The port is 1/4″ (6.35 mm) tall and 1″ (24.5 mm) wide, much taller and narrower than the one in the SnoreRx. VitalSleep is slightly thicker than the SnoreRx, but it still offers sufficient airflow for snorers who breathe through their mouths.

VitalSleep comes is part of the group of snoring mouthguards called ‘boil and bite’, what means that it can be adjusted by being heated using boiling, and then placed in your mouth, where it will cool off and harden, perfectly fitting your jaws. While this type of customization is not perfect, it still makes for much more comfortable mouth guard for a much lower price than those made by a professional lab.

VitalSleep is made from the US-made plastics, it is FDA cleared, and latex and BPA –free. It is available in two sizes: small and regular. The lower tray can be moved using a small hex tool that allows for incremental jaw advancement.